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Read about our innovative financial model that makes GCA one of the most affordable Christian Schools in the state.


One way we seek to innovate a one-of-a-kind K-12 Christian school and to partner with parents is to make GCA as affordable as possible. We have built a highly unique financial model in order to provide every full-time student with a generous scholarship of over 50% of the projected costs of attending GCA.

The ACE scholarship (Accelerating Christian Education) is made available by the legacy vision and sacrificial generosity of many. While we recognize education is not free and families will need to make sacrifices to receive a Christian education, it is our goal to remove as many financial barriers as possible. We don’t want finances being the reason your child doesn’t receive a Christian education.

Thanks to the ACE scholarship model, GCA will be one of the more affordable Christian schools in the state.

Garden City Academy tuition table

Payment Options

  1. Twelve equal payments beginning June through May. Payments are due by the 5th of every month.

  2. One full payment at the beginning of the year.

*There is a tuition deposit that is due at the time of enrollment. This deposit will be credited to your June tuition invoice.

What Tuition Covers

We are committed to making tuition as straightforward as possible by simplifying the process to ensure what you pay is easily understood. No hidden costs, no unexpected fees, no surprise expenses.

Included in tuition:

  • School operational expenses.

  • Registration fees.

  • All classroom related expenses like books and supplies.

  • Local field trips, Farmer Field Craft Fridays, and all other special classroom experiences.

Not included in tuition:

  • $25 application fee paid to FACTS (paid during application process).

  • $55 tuition management fee paid to FACTS.

  • Athletic and other extracurricular activity fees

  • Uniforms for K-6.

  • Personal classroom items like pencils, notebooks, glue, crayons, personal computers, and more.

College Credit

As a unique offering of GCA, we will provide opportunities for upper-level high school students to earn college credit through our partnership with Corban University and AP classes. These classes will have a separate fee paid to the college for providing the college credit. This offering offers significant savings to families who want to take advantage of this opportunity to earn college credit for a fraction of the cost while at GCA.

As an example, consider a GCA student taking a class worth three college credits offered through Corban University. Each college credit costs $65. In this scenario, the student would pay the college $195 for three college credits.

Note: The student can choose to not pay the fees associated with college credit or AP classes and still receive high school credit. They simply won’t receive college credit.

Legacy Giving

If you would like to help make Christian education available to as many families and children as possible, we would love to talk with you. Please contact our office at to see how you can give a legacy gift, sponsor a teacher or student, fund an endowment, donate property, and more.

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