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At Garden City Academy, we have a commitment to create a unique, one-of-a-kind education that incorporates the best time-tested learning techniques, while pushing outside the box to find new and more relevant ways to serve students and families. While implementing a curriculum that is based in Classical Christian Education, we also plan to incorporate new and innovative ideas into our learning environment to create a unique culture that truly cultivates the hearts and minds of the students to love and follow Jesus for the rest of their lives. The following are some of the unique aspects of our learning environment that we believe make our school unique.


At GCA, we will integrate the bible into every lesson, every activity, and every experience the students have throughout the day. All subjects will be taught through the lens of biblical truth. All activities will honor God. Everything we do will be carefully planned to incorporate and enhance the spiritual formation of every child. From kindergarten through twelfth grade, students will participate in rigorous daily bible studies to ensure they have deep and intimate knowledge of God’s Holy Scriptures. 

In addition to having a robust bible curriculum, we will focus heavily on cultivating the hearts and minds of the students to authentically live out their Christian faith. At GCA, we will utilize the Stronger Man and Noble Woman blueprint created by Grace City Church to ignite a deep love for following Jesus. This Stronger Man and Noble Woman blueprint will help shape our culture by creating an uplifting, positive, and Jesus-loving culture at the school. Boys and girls will learn how to step into their Holy calling as men and women of faith, to become future courageous Christian leaders in an increasingly negative world.


At Garden City Academy, we believe in providing students with a hands-on, interactive learning environment. Our Farmer Fridays are an innovative one-of-a-kind idea that is designed to engage students in hands-on learning activities in a vibrant school-wide community setting that students look forward to participating in every week. 

GCA students will participate in a Homesteading Skills program on Fridays that is designed to provide students with real-world skills they can use for the rest of their lives. The GCA Farmer Friday Homesteading curriculum seeks to develop adults that understand the basics in construction, repair, mechanics, agriculture, outdoor education, survival, emergency first aid response, financial planning, and much more. These homesteading skills will be taught by Godly instructors in a fun and engaging environment, with multiple age groups working together. In addition to the homesteading skills they are learning, students will learn to work in teams, learn about leadership, and have great opportunities to talk about Jesus. 

The homesteading skills that students will learn on Farmer Fridays will include: 

  • Handyman Skills (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding, etc)

  • Agriculture Farming

  • Automotive Skills

  • Personal Finance

  • Survival Training

  • Emergency First Aid Response

  • Weaponry and Self Defense


Physical fitness is a core value and we will implement a high-level physical fitness program…fit body, fit mind, fit soul. All students will participate in fun and rigorous fitness regiments as part of their education so as to learn how to take care of the body. The focus of the program will be developing habits of fitness and health, cultivating general athleticism, and instilling a life-long value of living an active lifestyle. We also plan to offer high-level competitive athletics (see athletic page for more information). 


Another core aspect of our school is offering robust educational opportunities in the arts. All GCA students will participate in music, theatre, and art programs during their time at the school. Participation in the arts has significant education benefits and we are committed to providing high quality, consistent opportunities in these areas. Our music, theatre, and art teachers are exceptional teachers that will utilize these student experience to enhance the culture and overall learning experience at GCA.

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