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High school students at Garden City Academy


At GCA, we have developed our own Christian Running Start program where students can participate in a robust Classical Christian curriculum while receiving real college credits that can transfer to the majority of colleges and universities around the country. By offering our high school classes for college credits, we are jump starting the college degree process for students and offering significant savings to families.


On December 17, 2023, Garden City Academy and Vector Institute entered into a partnership with Corban University to accredit the GCA and Vector courses with college credits. Corban University is an accredited college and the credits received through Corban will be recognized by most accredited colleges around the country. These credits will be offered at a significant savings to families. Click on the logos above to be taken to the Vector Institute and/or Corban University Pages.


We intend to build a first-class secondary experience that serves as a preparatory finishing school for launching students into a meaningful life. Some highlights include:

  • Robust academics rooted in a liberal arts classical framework.

  • World-class faculty who live like life mentors. The faculty of GCA have a contagious love for Jesus and students and a passion to teach every subject through a Christian worldview while stoking a love for learning in every learner.

  • College credits through Dual Credit and/or AP courses. Students will be able to complete close to two years of college credits while enrolled in high school at GCA.

  • Vector Institute offered as the one-of-a-kind senior year leadership capstone experience emphasizing theology, citizenship, life-preparation, and leadership.

  • Internship Opportunities through strategic partnerships with local businesses. All students will participate as a part of their capstone experience.

Classes will be offered as college credits in one of two ways:

  1. Dual Credit Classes - Students will take the college-level class in the GCA and/or Vector classroom and receive college credits for the class through Corban University. The grade the student receives in the class will be the grade on their college transcript.

  2. AP Credit Classes - Students will take an AP class taught by an accredited teacher in a GCA classroom. To receive college credit, the student takes the AP exam at the end of the class with a passing grade.

*Both Dual Credit and AP class options provide students with college credits, and most colleges recognize and accept both types of credit.

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