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  • When does GCA open?
    September, 2024, will start our inaugural year.
  • What grades will be offered at GCA?
    GCA will offer grades K-12 in year 1.
  • What Kindergarten options will be available?
    We plan to offer both half day and full day kindergarten.
  • What school options will be available?
    Our goal is to provide families with as many educational options as possible to fit their specific needs. Garden City Academy will offer:  5-day per week, K-12 school with full time faculty and staff, beginning fall ‘24  2-day per week, K-6 homeschool co-op with volunteer parent-tutors, beginning fall ‘24  Online program (hoping to offer sometime in future, currently in development)
  • Can I volunteer as a parent?
    Of course! This is a part of our core values. The better parent involvement the stronger the school. We have several specific ways parents can support the school and will articulate those in the days to come as we approach fall, ‘24.
  • How can I contact the school?
    Phone: 509-888-3826  General Information:  Admissions/Enrollment Information:
Image by Skylar Zilka


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